An Explorer's Mindset

by Sionade Robinson

Every culture in the world, ancient and modern, celebrates and admires explorers because explorers create and capture new value in resources, exchange, knowledge, technology, leadership and learning. Based at City, University of London, I study exploration and explorers. My sources range from historic accounts of expeditions to interviews with contemporary explorers of many kinds. In recent years I’ve embarked on expeditions to the Colombian jungle to visit lost cities, climbed mountains and camped at 20 below in the Arctic Circle. As humanity considers its next great interplanetary journey, it’s a privilege to join Crew 238 at MDRS.

The means by which explorers create value is through the expedition – a journey with the purpose of discovery.  The work of exploration is expanding boundaries, creating knowledge and connections and sharing powerful narratives because explorers tell stories which change and enrich others’ understanding of the world and what’s possible. They’re transformative.

Leading with an Explorer’s Mindset creates value and requires several key elements – confidence to act with bold curiosity, the ability to activate enabling networks and ideally to inspire future explorers will be my contribution to the mission.

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