EDEN project

by Jason Michaud

The EDEN project is a psychological experiment allowing the astronaut to help them against confinement in space though medical activities and entertainment.

The EDEN project uses several technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and haptic feedback to measure and evaluate astronaut’s level of stress in order to generate exercises by our AI that allow them to reduce their stress.

For the technical part, we use a modified virtual reality headset to send the images to the brain and an haptic suit to send sensations. The suits measured heart activity in real time. We also measure the amount of oxygen in the blood to detect hyperventilation due to stress. Our AI adapts the exercises to the astronaut to give them the content adapted to their needs. All data is sent in real time to earth allowing the medical team to follow the session.

Our team conducted 3 microgravity campaign in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency and the National Research Council of Canada.

Video of EDEN Project in Microgravity: 

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