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Mission Commander

Sionade Robinson

Explorer’s Mindset

Sionade is an Associate Professor of Education and has been at Bayes Business School for more than 10 years, leading the globally ranked MBA Programme as Associate Dean and developing and teaching a range of marketing, consulting and leadership courses on MBA, MSc, and Undergraduate programmes, as well for Executive Education.  From January 2020, Sionade served as Bayes’ Associate Dean of People and Culture to lead an increased focus on Equality Diversity and Inclusion in the School and in July 2021 was appointed Vice President Enterprise, Engagement and Employability for City, University of London. 

Sionade is a mother of three grown up children, lives in West London with her husband and evidently  was over exposed to Star Trek during her formative years.

Executive Officer 

Crew Documentarian

P.J. Marcellino

Personal and Public Narratives on Earth for Space and Mars Exploration

Pedro grew up between cultures, between countries, between the city and the mountains, equally connected to the dense urban fabric and the barren granite massifs he still returns to for personal balance. With ‘astronaut’ a clearly impossible child’s dream for a kid who was neither American nor Soviet, Pedro aspired instead to become an airline pilot, an adventurer, a travel show host, and a writer. More or less in that order.

Albeit sideways, he’d grow up to be all of those things. His career as a writer, journalist, editor, and publisher started in school papers and continued to adulthood; he wrote about cultural politics and Otherness, urban space, architecture, travel, cinema. He’d go on to study International Politics and Development Economics, pursuing a brief academic career, then transitioning to senior roles as a political and communications advisor with governments, NGOs, and international agencies such as the UN and the African Union’s Peace and Security Department. He survived his share of political chaos, riots, inefficiencies.

A restless and curious soul, Pedro has travelled to 70 countries, islands, and territories, lived in a dozen of them, and worked in nearly thirty. He lost count of the hundreds of flights, crowded train rides, rickety collective taxis, horseback hikes, and dizzying motorcycle rides over the years. He climbed an active volcano, got stuck in a Cold War military outpost, freighted a ski-doo across a frozen Arctic strait, and was forced to bribe corrupt border officers at least six times. He realized early on that he could write about all of it.

Aged 43 and a retired rugby player, Pedro is on track to earn his wings as a private pilot.

While he never got that gig as a travel show host, over the last decade he worked as a tv/film producer and director, specializing in socio-political storylines, in the voices less heard, the paths less travelled. In other words, he chronicles under-represented life.

A lifelong lover of speculative fiction and all-things-space, Pedro hopes to live to turn 91, just long enough to see humanity settle Mars. He is privileged to serve MDRS analog astronaut crew #238 as both its Executive Officer and Crew Documentarian. During/after the rotation, he will be imparting MDRS #238’s story on a multimedia platform, devising ways to integrate it in the collective narratives that bolster ongoing Mars research. He’ll be wearing flag patches for the Cape Verde Islands, the European Union, and Canada, his current home.

I am a multidisciplinary artist and a scientist. Spanning over a decade, my work merges interdisciplinary art and science practices, including fermentation, speculative design, and participatory approaches. With a background in animated film and in physics, I work hybridly with video, graphic design, and collaborative practices in order to build eclectic narratives. Through interactive and non-linear strategies, I retell stories that represent various viewpoints, attempting to make the invisible visible. Natural sciences, technology, and decentralized organizing are particularly close to my heart. I collaborate with computers, with bacteria, and with humans. Currently, I’m the host of Ferment Radio  podcast on bacterial and social fermentation, and I am the co-creator of Super Eclectic, a multimedia production studio for the world we want.

I’m a Registered Nurse (RN), a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Certified Texas Master Gardener (TMG). Although I have the credentials to apply for the Health and Safety Officer position, I applied for GreenHab Officer (my passion) and was rewarded. My love and knowledge of gardening goes back to my childhood where my three sisters and I helped our parents in a thriving retail and wholesale greenhouse business in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (started the year I was born – 1947). Some say I was born in the greenhouse based on a photo of me as a small infant on a blanket on a bed of soil in the greenhouse! I will also add the role of “counselor” to my gardening role and be available to assist the crew with their emotional, physical, and spiritual health (mind, body and spirit). Think of Guinan (the Whoppi Goldberg character in Star Trek), an El-Aurian – a race of “listeners.” In this role, I would like to introduce the crew to the labyrinth as a meditative self-care activity.

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Health and Safety Officer

Robert T. Turner (Rob)

I was born in Elizabethton, Tennessee, son to Betty J. Mottern and William T. Turner I. I have one sibling, a brother, Karl J. Turner, who is chief of police for a neighboring city. I am married to Mary T. Morrison and we have two children, William “Will” T. Turner II and Rachel N. Turner, both currently in respective colleges. We have two pets: Pretty, a black cat, and Courage, our cowardly beagle-mix dog.
 I was a graduate ot Elizabethton High School (1978) and East Tennessee State University (1987), majoring in English and minoring in microbiology. I have a keen interest in philosophy, as well.

I applied and was accepted to the Mars Desert Research Station program as the Health / Safety Officer assigned to Mission 238.

I am a Tennessee-licensed paramedic and certified critical care emergency medical transport paramedic, certified in advanced life support and pre-hospital trauma care. I began this career on Thursday, June 27, 1989 as a volunteer and am a lifetime member of the Bristol Life Saving Crew and the Johnson City Emergency and Rescue Squad. I began full-time emergency medical services employment on Saturday, June 16, 2001. As of this writing, I have had 3,715 hours of emergency medical training. I have had the opportunity to complete 4,693 shifts in emergency medical services as both volunteer and paid, totalling 76,099 hours. I have made 18,472 patient contacts and ambulance transported 14,521 patients to area hospitals. I have completed 1,199 sessions totaling 3,799 hours of training in emergency medicine. I am currently employed with the Carter County Emergency and Rescue Squad as a shift paramedic.

My space background involved participating as a local media representative at these space shuttle launches: STS-1, STS-3, STS-8 and 51-F. Additionally, I witnessed the launch of the Apollo half of the Apollo/Soyuz Test Program and the last space shuttle launch STS-135. I have been inside the NASA LC-39 Vehicle Assembly Building twice and have seen all six space shuttle orbiters and three of those fly. I have lived through the entire manned space flight era.

I enjoy international travel with my family, online gaming, and am a fan of bands like Evanescence, Fireflight, Flyleaf, Halestorm, Lacuna Coil, Metallica, Noctura, Queensryche, Skarlett Riot, Stitched Up Heart, The Material, and Volbeat. My current favorite song is: “Miss Madness,” by Forever Still.

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Simon is 46 years and will be the Crew Engineer of our Mission. He has a Family with his wife Dana and the 3 kids Clara, Quentin and Leni. They live in the southwest of Germany, near the beautiful town of Tübingen. Often they spend their spare time in quarries nearby, digging for fossils or being out in the summer across Europe on beautiful camp-sites. They like to do sports like swimming, climbing/ bouldering – for fun and for health – but not as a competition. He is interested in space travel and related technologies, runs a greenhouse with a hydroponic system, and does with his loved ones all the other things a family usually does.

Space was always something he was fascinated about. He grew up behind the iron curtain, without the freedom to travel, so one had to be very creative to flee these unsightly circumstances. His parents raised him with paleonthology, beeing out for hiking in the nature and sometimes they even went sub – soil for discovering abandoned mines and caves. The other option was reading fantastic or science fiction books e.g., from Stanislaw Lem. Mind travel knows no borders. Although he first became a craftsman in 1994 and worked as a roofer, sci-fi, space and technology still knocked in the back of his mind. In an U-turn, he decided to study for a bachelor’s degree at Reutlingen University in 2001 and later for a master’s degree in electrical engineering and information technology at the Distance Learning University of Hagen. At Scintec AG, he worked in the field of atmospheric research instruments before moving to the NMI (Natural and Medical Sciences Institute) at the University of Tübingen. Today, he is involved in the research and development of electrochemical sensors and artificial micro-organs. But space, space travel and the expansion of man to other celestial bodies such as Mars, has been and will always be his silent passion. 

For him it is one of the greatest gifts to live in a time when the space sector is changing in such a fundamental and forward-looking way. The next industrial revolution has begun, and we are a part of it, (at least a tiny little bit). Rejoice – this is science fiction becoming reality.

Extended Reality Technology Officer

Jason Michaud

Jason Michaud founded Stardust Technologies in 2014 with the mission to empower the space industry through innovations in technologies, science, with the goal of making space more accessible to humanity. Through this Jason Michaud has established multiple international innovation projects with universities from around the world.

Through Stardust Technologies, Jason has established many international collaborations in the industry, notably the Canadian Space Agency, Western University, the National Research Council of Canada, Lockheed Martin, Beaverhouse First Nation, Habitat Marte, Blue Abyss, to name a few.

Jason Michaud has worked in collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency and the National Research Council of Canada on the EDEN project creating solutions for mental health of astronauts utilizing virtual reality, neural systems, haptics feedback in Lunar, Martian, and Micro gravity environments with the goal to make the first remote space hug possible with your loved ones on earth.

Most recently a very important international partnership between Stardust, ispace, EXPLOR, and the University of Technology Sidney was formed under the leadership of Jason to create the first haptics robotics arm named “One for All” which will tentatively fly to the south pole of the moon in 2024 and will be aimed at promoting STEM education for the youth through the recorded sensations of the surface of the moon through haptics and the develop the future tools for the space industry.

Jason as studied at Collège Boréal in Computer Engineering and is a Certified Practitioner for CyberSecurity Certification (CPCSC) by Watsec Cyber Risk Management and most recently made the 27th out of 46th finalist on TOP Men in Aviation and Aerospace to Follow on LinkedIn 2021

Jason is also involved as a Director at the Habitat Marte, in Brazil to further enhance its international collaborations, promote STEM education. Jason also serves on multiple boards such as the ASBX 2021 on the organizing committee, the Centre de Formation as an Administrator, the Cochrane Board of Trade as a Board Director, and the Canada Nickel – Contributions and Procurement Committee.

With Stardust Jason as recently joined the International Astronautical Federation at the last IAF General Assembly that took place in Dubai, U.A.E., during the IAC 2021.

Communications & Systems Engineer

Bhargav Patel

Bhargav was born and brought up in India, Gujarat. He recently finished his undergraduate degree in Information and Communication Technology from Ahmedabad University. He has done various internships as a data scientist and AI Engineer and currently, he is a full-time software engineer specializing in machine learning at Truminds Software Systems. During his undergraduate journey, he co-founded the environment club with the objective to spread awareness in the student community and he was a Google ML facilitator. He is also a YRE alumnus. His aim is to use his engineering knowledge to contribute to the advancement of humanity. His area of interest involves machine learning, resource conservation, and artificial intelligence.

In his free time, he watches sci-fi movies related to space and future technology. Obviously, he is an MCU and Star Wars fan. Apart from this, he loves to read books on self-help and personal finance. Zero to One is his favorite book and most influential for him.