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I was a science journalist for a couple of months when Rosetta met the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. When Philae landed on the comet I shouted like I was with the rest of the team on the ground station (and not only watching it by streaming). In that same year, I had the chance to be reporting at a parabolic flight about the experiments selected by the European Space Agency to be on board.

Though I graduated as a Biologist I am fascinated about all science topics from life sciences to astrophysics, from antimicrobial resistance to particle physics. Nowadays, I’m submerged in the coverage of an ever-changing virus and an evolving pandemic, but I’m still deeply interested in space exploration. As a science journalist, I also love to show my audience that research related to space can also be used on Earth.

I was a researcher for a couple of years, but soon I realized that I was more keen on talking about science and making people be interested in scientific research or curiosities. I had been a science communicator / environmental educator since 2006 when I started my Master in Science Communication in 2012. After that, my path took a soft turn and I became a journalist and I have been working for Observador, a Portuguese national news media, since March 2014, and occasionally freelancing for international media.

I’m the President of the Portuguese science communication association (SciComPt) — 2020-2023 —, a member of the International Science Writers Association (ISWA), and I often collaborate with the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ).